What We Do

Our Mission

Woks for Washington is a grassroots initiative based in the Washington, DC metro area, focused on preserving Asian American culture, primarily through sharing Asian cuisine.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have seen increased racism and xenophobia against the Asian American community, prompting us to reflect on our dual identities as both Asians and Americans. Having these dual backgrounds means that we have a duty to do our best for the good of our communities here in the DC area and in the US as a whole, and a duty to continue sharing our culture with our non-Asian brothers and sisters, so that one day we may lessen the underlying prejudices against us, and help to unify Americans and bridge racial divides.

We’ve chosen to focus on Asian cuisine due to the increased phobia of Asian spaces and food following COVID, and because we think Asian cuisine is an essential part of our culture.

Preserving Asian cuisine serves as a major way for the Asian community to continue to share what makes us so diverse with the rest of the world, since it’s often one of the easiest and most palatable ways in which people can experience our culture. Through preserving Asian cuisine, we hope we can also help to maintain and grow the diversity unique to the DC area, and continue to play a part in making our capital a place that welcomes all races, cultures, and nationalities.

During COVID-19

Our initiative involves supporting Asian restaurants following the rapid decline in business due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Supporting our local Asian restaurants at this time of need helps us preserve the rich Asian American culture unique to the DC metro area.

All donations will be used to buy and deliver meals from local Asian restaurants to essential workers, homeless and emergency shelters, and others with limited access to freshly made meals.

Our Approach

Connect with Restaurants

We aim to provide ongoing cash flow for Asian restaurants struggling from the rapid decline in business as a result of COVID-19. Ultimately, we want to help preserve Asian cuisine and culture for many years to come

Connect with Meal Recipients

Before each delivery, we will communicate with the management teams of our hospital and homeless and emergency shelter partners. We work to understand their need for meals to limit food waste, and the necessary safety measures to implement in order to make our deliveries as safe as possible

Connect with Supporters

We thank our donors and supporters for keeping the Woks for Washington dream alive. With your generosity, we aim to preserve the rich culture surrounding Asian cuisine while supporting our essential workers. We will keep donors and supporters informed on any new initiatives and charitable efforts

Connect with Volunteers

Through constant and effective communication, we will coordinate volunteer efforts for meal deliveries to essential workers. We will make sure volunteers have the necessary PPE to help make safe deliveries

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