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First Post

Why I Started Woks for Washington

If you told me I was going to start a nonprofit in the middle of a pandemic last year, I probably would have asked “what pandemic” and laughed you out of the room. I know there are some extraordinary people out there with the vision and determination to pull off this sort of thing, but I definitely didn’t envision myself as one of them. Especially one year out of college.

Needless to say, I’m sure this isn’t how any of us imagined 2020 to be at all.

Second Post

Food and Family

What did you eat today?

This was the question my mother posed to me everyday of the four years that I was studying at Cornell University during our daily call. This was in part due to her profession as an endocrinologist, which includes the intersection of diet and medical health. However, the main driving force behind her asking this question daily is the role that food plays in Indian families and the relationships between its members.

Third Post

Food is a Door to Culture

When I was in Kindergarten, my mom would make the most delectable lunches for me every day. I remember that one day, my mom made cabbage and pork dumplings. In Chinese culture, dumplings represent good fortune and well wishes.

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